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How to Give Yourself Manicure and Pedicure at Home

When seeking a manicure and pedicure, the majority of us go to a salon. But it’s not the only option that suits for who prefer a DIY lifestyle. We bring to you a how-to guide to do manicure and pedicure at home which you can do easily by yourself.

A guide for doing manicure at home

Freshen up your nails

Start with the fundamentals. Clear your nails of any remaining old paint by washing your hands.

Trim and reshape your nails

Your nails must then be filed and clipped. Make sure that each nail on each hand is the same length and form. Use a soft, high-quality nail file. Use a soft metal file instead because a hard metal file may harm your nails considerably. The foundation for the manicure will be set by doing this.

Cleanse your hands

The bowl should be filled with warm water, a few drops of face cleanser or shampoo added, and your hands should soak there for two minutes or so. This is not only calming, but it is also an important action. This is because wetting the cuticles makes them pliable and simple to clip afterwards. Additionally, it removes any dirt that has become wedged between the nails.

Cut the cuticles

This step is very important and needs to be done carefully. Just the extra cuticles and free edges need to be clipped. Avoid removing any cuticles too deeply since this might lead to infections and uncomfortable skin issues in the future. The same holds true for extra hangnails that could protrude from your nails. Without damaging the remainder of the nail, gently clip them.


Apply some cream or moisturizer to the cuticles after you've cut them to prevent future skin issues. To make sure the moisturizer's therapeutic effects penetrate your skin, leave it on for roughly five minutes. After that, remove any remaining oily paint from your nails with nail polish remover.

Moisturize again

Your entire hand must be moisturized once again in the final phase. Put on some quality moisturizer to finish the job!

You see, doing a fantastic manicure service at home is not at all difficult. Simply follow these instructions to have lovely nails in no time.

A guide for doing pedicure at home

Clean your nails and feet

Wash your feet in hot, running water before you start. This will help you start the at-home pedicure process by washing away any dirt. To prevent swelling and the spread of infection, take precautions by either bandaging any obvious injuries to your feet or working around them throughout the pedicure.

Cut your nails and clean them up

Cut your toenails neatly and remove any remaining paint from them. If you want to shape your toenails, a nice nail file will come in handy. Cut any loose cuticle ends as well. However, do not tear or cut deeply into the cuticles since this might lead to skin diseases later on.

Soak your feet

Then comes the relaxing part: soaking your feet in warm water. Fill the bucket or tub halfway with warm water (as warm as you can stand it) and a splash of shampoo or body wash. Allow your feet to soak in the water for around five minutes. This will open the pores and allow dirt to escape from between the toes and nails.


This is an important part of your pedicure. After taking your foot out of the warm water, pat it dry with a towel. Then apply the foot cream and scrub your heel and the base of your foot with a pumice stone or a foot scrubber. This will aid in the removal of dead skin cells and the clearing of fissures on your foot.


Following the exfoliation, a thorough foot wash is recommended. Rinse your foot under running water to remove all of the loose, dead skin and foot cream.


Exfoliation can dry out your skin and create redness and irritation. Apply a nice, soothing moisturizer to avoid this. Massage it into the skin of your foot, as well as the nails and cuticles. Allow it to dry for a few minutes before cleaning your toenails with nail polish remover.

Apply another layer of foot cream

After applying the cream, but the skin of the feet is still dry and peeling, you must rehydrate now by applying another layer of foot cream. This will refresh your feet while also keeping them healthy and moist.

Regular manicure and pedicure at home will benefit you a lot, both physically and mentally. You can read more about the benefits of regular manicure and pedicure. If you are someone who doesn't mind spending money at a salon or spa to relax or whether a DIYer or not, you can come to Huntsville Nails & Spa in Ontario to experience skilled mani and pedi services.

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